General Instructions

  • You can view your team's articles in the Articles section
  • You can invite other people to your team in the Settings section
  • You can enable Twitter and Pocket integration in the Settings section

Install the chrome extension

Just click get chrome extension in the menu bar above and you'll be guided through the installation process - as long as you're using Google Chrome of course!

Setting up the chrome extension (first use only)

  1. Install the chrome extension by clicking the 'get chrome extension' link in the menu bar
  2. Open the extension and enter your team token - you can find this in your Settings page
  3. Select your name in the extension

Saving articles using the extension

Just click the articlebay button in the extensions menu, add any extra info about the article (e.g. tags), and hit Save. You can also choose to Tweet or Pocket the article at this point, as long as you've enabled those integrations in your Settings

Using articles

From the Articles section, you can speed-read, view the original link, save the article to Pocket, or send the link via email.